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diy galaxy jars!


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so i found a DIY which is SUPER fun and creative, i was looking on youtube and pinterest last night and came across a video, so today i went out to buy supplies and make them! 
they are super easy to make, and look SO CUTE!
i followed this youtube tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-cK0ymM5azE

i bought supplies from (here in the uk):
mason jars - from home sense / tk maxx. the kilner jars were £2.99 and the have an assortment for under £3! places like the range and wilko have these too!
acrylic paints - from hobbycraft. £2 each for a 75ml tube. the colours i used were, ultramarine blue, pale blue, bright pink & mint.
 cotton wool - i used sainsburys basics, you get 100 cotton balls in a pack for 55p. i used on average a pack and a quarter for each jar.
glitter - small pot of silver glitter from hobbycraft is £1.50 but a little goes a long way! 1/3 of a small jar made 3 large galaxy jars! 
confetti stars - the range had these small packs for £1 each. i got some holographic cute ones, and some regular silver ones!

other things you'll need:
-newspaper to cover your work surface
-one cup per colour your using
- water
- skewers / manicure sticks / coffee stirers (from starbucks ect.)


and my end result:

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Guest Jakdkskxkaks

This is a ridiculously cute arts and craft idea!

Such a brilliant end result! C: I'm so excited to try this one out. ^.^ Well done Bunny! I bet you had a blast doing it as well.

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I made a different type of one of these and it still holds up as one of the best ways that I can calm down!

Although it isn't as the same one above, it is still great for people that have to deal with too much stress. This is also a great tool for time outs!

All it took was a Voss waterbottle, warm water, some glitter, and some glitter glue! The more glue you add, the longer it takes for the glitter to reach the bottom.

Super easy to make although potentially messy so it would be a great craft to do with your little!  ^_^


IMG 6350

IMG 6349

IMG 6347

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