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A slightly rube but true poem


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Firstly know that this poem is about how everything is better with the one you really love and it is my feelings about that I wish to fine this.

Secondly this poem came to me at work out of no where, it was like something just clicked in my head and I could put into words how I really feel.

This is a two part poem witch I will post both here one after the other like I feel they should be.

Thank you for reading them and please leave comments on how you feel about them.


The one, part one by Xeneler


Wanking is fun, wanking is great

Wanking should be made into its own state

On there own or in groups of twelves

Loads of people tuching themselves

Having a blast and sitting around

Shooting there load all over the ground

But for all of its joy and all of its fun

There is nothing quite like finding the one

Someone who will be there for the good times and bad

Someone when they are not there makes you feel quite sad

Holding there hand makes your heart skip a beat

Kissing there lips makes you feel so complete

Enjoying there minds, body and soul

This is my one only true goal

If I could fined this woman, I would be over the moon

To be completely honest, it can't come to soon


The one, part two by Xeneler



Wanking is great, wanking is fun

But it's still no substitute for finding the one

Yes, that's right, I said it again

Used the same rhyme and use the same pen

I'm looking for someone that wears ears and a tail

I'm happy to love anyone, as long as there not male

I laugh and I joke

Fun I do poke

Wrightings this poem as if I'm all talk

But listen my friends, read between the lines

There's truth in these words, there not just rhymes

I'm looking for the one that will make my heart sore

But where to start looking for her, I simply don't know

So I ask you all to give me a chance

To fined my one literal and only romance

So talk to me, share your hobbies and kinks

See if we have any romantic links

I have so much love to give, so much I'm willing to do

All I need is to fined the one and only you

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