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DD with 2 littles??


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My little and I are wondering if a relationship between a Daddy and two littles would work.. Or better yet how it would work. Any help is greatly appreciated! :)
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Guest QueenJellybean

Hi there!


If what your talking about is polyamory, then it works very similarly to any other relationship! My fiancé has more than one Little, but I'm the only one who calls Him Daddy. A lot of communication, consent, respect, and understanding is involved. I always say that you need to be open and honest about everything, especially when you don't want to be. It isn't the easiest rule to follow, and I've definitely struggled with it in the past, but adhering to it is the best way to maintain a positive relationship.


Be sure everyone is clear on boundaries and roles, be sure everyone is consenting, and be willing to talk through problems when they arise so that everyone is happy and safe. Remember that the other people involved have just as much of a right to be happy and feel emotions as you do; they are human beings.

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