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How you can help the forum


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Us mods and admin do our very best to try and make this forum a safe and fun environment for all of our lovely members.

However there is only so much we can do!

That is why I am making this, to tell you all what you can do to help us make this forum the best it can be!




If a member of this site is making you uncomfortable, or showing even slight predator behavior SCREENSHOT.

You may not think it is much but chances are, you are not the first person to have felt that way!


The same goes with an underage member. If someone tells you that they are underage, it is your responsibility to speak up, the easiest way to prove it is by SCREENSHOTS! Now if a member tells you they are underage verbally (via skype, facetime, etc) 

MAKE THE REPORT ANYWAYS! We will keep a look out and try our best to get the proof we need!


Too often we have members speak up about underage users or predatory behavior second hand, another member told them about it. If someone tells you about such things, the best advice you can give them is to SCREENSHOT AND REPORT! 


If you are ever doubting if something is "report worthy" REPORT ANYWAYS! Or send one of us lovely admin or mods a message! Even the slightest thing can mean more than you know!





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