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Trigger Warnings

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A little info about triggers;

A trauma trigger is an experience that can trigger a traumatic memory in someone. This happens to anyone who has experienced the trauma event. It’s a really useful thing to add trigger warnings for people who have PTSD, anxiety, depression, OCD or any other mental illness. This also goes for phobias. I’ve known people with really bad fears of sharks. People can be trigger by, sights, sounds, smells and even just by touches. Which is also why it’s always better to ask someone if you can hug them, compared to just doing it. 

A trigger is very diverse in nature, what triggers one person might not trigger another. And they shouldn’t be taken lightly. 

A trigger causes people to react in different ways, some people might be upset, cry, be really angry, sleepy, or it can cause someones obsessive compulsive reactions to happen. Sometimes it also can cause a person to ‘numb out’ or not feel connected with themselves, their body, or even what’s around them. It’s the way of someones body responding to what they are viewing or reading. 

People also can get flashbacks. It’s never good to fuck with someone's triggers. It also can be really hard for some people to figure out what triggers them. Which is why finding your triggers can be really hard. It’s really important to check and be aware of triggers. But there is also a respectful way of going about this.


What is a trigger warning?
A trigger warning is used to warn people of content that might illicit a strong or potentially harmful emotional response. 
A trigger warning allows people to read or look at content and choose if they want to view it. It makes people feel safer and comforted on a site.  

What does Trigger mean? 
As a noun, a “trigger” is something (like a picture or text post) that elicits panic/anxiety attacks or flashbacks among survivors of violence/rape/abuse. As a verb, to “trigger” is to provoke that response (“that photo triggered me,” for example). Essentially, when someone is triggered they feel as though they are responding to a traumatic event from their past, not to the present trigger.


How do you write a trigger warning?
Simple! Read over what you are posting, View it if its a video, and see if it describes anything below. And if it does, Just add a trigger warning. =) 
Here is the basic formula for a trigger warning. 
Trigger warning: (This content deals with….) 
Tw: (sexual assault. ect) 

You can still post what you want, But this also keeps other people safe. 


Common Triggers. : 

  • Incest, pedophilia
  • Abuse - physical, verbal, mental, emotional, domestic. 
  • Childhood abuse
  • Rape/ Sexual assault/ kidding napping
  • Self harm (Cutting, Skin picking, Bruising, hair pulling.)
  • Serious injuries 
  • Swearing (Lots of swearing. If you say ‘fuck’ once or twice. that’s fine. It’s just heavy swearing)
  • Gore, Blood. 
  • Car crash, Car accidents. 
  • Suicide, suicide attempts. 
  • Eating disorders. (Weight. Binge eating, bulimia, anorexia) 
  • Bullying. Cyber bullying. 
  • Graphic nature. (Images or videos of graphic nature.)
  • Fire 
  • Physical violence.
  • Guns 
  • Animal abuse, animal violence, Animal Death 
  • epileptics and epilepsy.- This also includes flashing gifs and gif photos.  

~ ~ ~ 

Everyone is at different stages of healing. This doesn't mean you can't share stories, videos and pictures. Just please be mindful. It’s a long road to recovery and everyone

will face their issues in time at their own pace and when they are comfortable. A slow and healthy recovery is better than a fast one.  


Triggers are also something you can deal with and even become less triggered by to it no longer triggers you with the right amount of care, learning and talking to the right person. If you get triggered I highly recommend going to talk to someone about it, they can give you the tools you need. 


Also try and distances yourself from people who trigger you.  Stay away from forum titles that you know will trigger you, and just use caution when clicking around. If you have an issue and you know someone has triggered you, take a step back, get off the computer, listen to some comforting music, curl up, talk to friends. Do something that's good for you. When you feel more grounded please then message a mod or admin. They can help you out and express the concerns you have to the other user if need be. 

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