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    Slow & Steady Wins The Race

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    Posted 14 August 2016 - 06:20 PM

    One of the most common perils of dating, both online and in person is moving too fast. This is after all, an age of instant gratification, we want what we want and we want it now! 

    I am just going to go over online relationships in this post. 


    To make this post I asked friends and members online some questions. This is a group effort, I just typed it up.



    Building Blocks & Foundation


    Take the DD/LG aspect out of the relationship and you are left with same core and building blocks of any relationship. When asked "what are the cores of a healthy relationship? This is what people told me:


    • Attraction

                     Attraction is more than seeing a beautiful person. While physical attraction is important, do not forget emotional and mental attraction. Does the person stimulate your mind? Make you laugh? Make you feel better when you are upset? 


    • Attention

                    The amount of attention needed varies by person. Often on the forum a post along of the lines of "Daddy isn't giving me enough attention" will pop up. This is why the beginning of a relationship is so important. This is when you learn if the person can and/or will give you the attention you desire. If you feel you are not getting the attention you crave, communicate that, if your needs are still not met, move on. 

    • Communication

                    Communication is important in every step of a relationship. Communicate with potentials what you need, crave and desire. This can make finding the "right one" so much easier. Once you are in a relationship, never stop communicating. Nothing can be solved if the other person doesn't even know there is an issue.

    • Trust

                    Trust is not a given, it is earned. Trust can only be built with time, communication and positive actions. How much time it may take varies person to person. If someone violates your trust early on, you need to move on. 





    "Only time will tell."


    Too often we will see a relationship begin and end within a span of just a few hours. Why does this happen? Usually too much too fast. In the excitement of some new prospective love, we forget ourselves entirely and forget to pace ourselves to slowly let someone in. 


    Time is the most important aspect of a new relationship. When you rush into a new relationship you are not giving yourself enough time to get to know someone, truly know someone. Know their needs, wants and desires. There is no magic time frame of when a relationship should start but you will know when it is time. If you are being pressured to start a relationship or don anything that you are not comfortable with, communicate those feelings. If the pressure is still there, leave.


    Big thanks to those who tolerated and answered my never ending questions :heart:







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