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    Long Distance Relationships

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    Posted 28 August 2016 - 02:45 PM

    The following is a bit about Long Distance Relationships or 



    A big thanks to Admin MellyBoo19912015 for tolerating and answering my questions to help make this resource possible!


    How to maintain a healthy LDR


    Any relationship takes a lot of work, communication and trust. LDR's, arguably, take even more. The following are some ways to keep your LDR healthy and long lasting!


    Contact ~ If you live in different time zones, this can especially prove tricky. The first thing you want to do is establish your time difference and schedules. When can you actually talk? Is messaging each other thru school, work or sleep okay? Thankfully, there are so many lovely and FREE apps and websites to help you and your significant other stay in contact. (see below). 


    Trust ~ Establishing and keeping trust is so important. Stay honest with your partner and communicate. Even if you are afraid of the consequences, talk to your partner. A lot of people worry that infidelity in a LDR is common. Rest assured this is not the case, affairs are generally caused by people and personalities. Distance has no effect.


    Respect Your Partner & Their Needs ~ Everyone is different and we all have our own hectic personal lives to maintain. Communicate with your partner what you need and want and respect their needs as well. If you have a partner who requires a lot of contact, keep a steady flow of communication with them. If you are going to have a busy day, let your partner know, don't leave them worrying. 


    Expectations Vs. Reality


    One of the greatest challenges of a LDR is a feeling of being disconnected from each other, missing out on the little things that happen. Below there are some apps and sites you can try to keep connected. Another idea is keeping a journal of your day and sharing it with your partner. Let them in on those tiny little things that happened to you and let them share your day with you.

    When you first enter a LDR there are some things you need to establish right away. Will you ever meet irl? Are yearly visits possible? How will you make and enforce rules? What are you hoping to get out of the relationship? Be clear on what the relationship is. Are you exclusive? Are you monogamous? is it okay to go on dates with other people? What is your level of commitment? Don't be afraid to talk about these things and keep talking about them if they are important to you.


    Remember that because of the distance date nights are not going to be conventional, you have to be creative! You can try a movie night together with rabbit, Skype or just messaging each other. Play real time games together. Make the same food and Skype to have a dinner date! FaceTime or Skype each other while you go on walks! Even if you don't have the time to do it together, you can still watch movies or read books and discuss it with each other later on!


    Games & Apps


    Avocado ~ Available on Apple, GooglePlay or desktop, free. Your all inclusive LDR app. Allows you to send messages, pictures, doodles and videos. Make and share lists & reminders! Works with Google Calendars to share each others calendars! Has private photo sharing abilities to keep albums. You can even send your partner hugs & kisses to let them know you are thinking about them!


    Choremonster & Mothershp ~ Available on Apple or GooglePlay market, free. Mothershp is the login for the user setting the chores and rewards, Choremonster is for the user doing the chores and earning rewards! Super easy way for a Long Distance CG to set chores & rewards for their Little!


    Couple ~ Available on Apple, GooglePlay or desktop, free with in-app purchases. Your all inclusive LDR app. Has options for sending messages, videos, voice recordings, doodles and locations! You can Live Sketch with each other, keep track of your anniversary, birthdays and make lists! It even keeps tracks of your shared photos to keep the memories!


    Draw Something ~ Available on Apple or GooglePlay, free. Social game where you can Draw or Guess what was drawn! 


    Flockdraw ~ Primarily for desktop, available in Apple market, free. Allows multiple users to draw, sketch and doodle together in real time, with direct messaging.


    Rabbit ~ Primarily a desktop site, available on Apple or GooglePlay, free. Allows you to watch television, movies or listen to music together. Includes video chatting, mic chatting and direct messaging. Great for date night, movie night or just a group of friends binge watching their favorite show!


    Skype ~ Primarily a desktop app, also available on Apple or GooglePlay market, free. Allows people to video chat all around the world for free! Great for bedtime stories or a weekly date!


    Snapchat ~ Available on Apple or GooglePlay market, free. Most of us already use this app to interact with friends! It can be used to update each other on our days, meals or outfit choices. Can also be used as a messaging app, though it does not store messages.


    SNOW ~ Available on Apple or GooglePlay market, free. Essentially the exact same app as Snapchat but with way more and cuter filters!


    QuizUp ~ Available on Apple or GooglePlay market and desktop, free. Real time quiz games with fun topics including; Disney Movies, Disney Princesses, Cartoon Network, Name That Animal and so much more! Great for an easy Game night!


    Snail mail! A totally underrated way to keep in touch. Mail each other post cards, love letters and even gifts for each other now and then!




    Finally, if you have ideas, tips or tricks to help with LDR, please message me so I can add them! 

    *glitter* *glitter* :heart: *glitter* *glitter*




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