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Big thanks to member Bam Bam for his help with this!



When should you report?

  • If a member tells you that they are underage, whether in a private or public manner. REPORT!
  • If a member tells you that they have been previously banned, whether in a private or public manner. REPORT!
  • If  you see an inappropriate topic or post. REPORT!
  • If you see an inappropriate picture in a gallery. REPORT!
  • If a member shows Predatory Behaviour. (Examples: excessive use of pet names when you do not know the person, out of context/unwarranted sexual talk, asking for camming/nudes especially if you do not know the person or you have already said no, etc) REPORT!
  • If a member is catfishing (using pictures of someone else and claiming to be them) REPORT!

Above are the most common reasons for reporting. If a member violates any rule, please report.


Please understand, even if a member just makes you uncomfortable, you have the right to report them. More than likely you are not the only person to feel that way.  


Please remember to SCREENSHOT any content (i.e. messages & images) that relate to the report.


We do need proof to act upon a report, however if you do not have any proof, REPORT ANYWAYS! We will keep our eyes on the look out to get the proof we need. 



Why should you report?


Reporting is the easiest and most effective way to solve any problems that you may have.

While you are more than welcome to message a Mod or Admin, making a report ensures that the issue will be solved in a timely fashion. Reporting is also a more effective than mini-modding or involving more members into something that can easily be fixed with the click of a button.


Please note that all reports are 100% Confidential.


Also note, simply stating your report and/or grievance publicly (via chat or on a thread), does nothing positive and encourages unnecessary drama.


How to report.


There are five different ways to report!


Reporting a Member 


Go to their profile and on the bottom right hand corner of the page you will see "Report", as shown below.





Reporting Through the Forum Messenger


Go to the message you would like to report and at the bottom of the message, click "Report", as shown below.





Reporting on a Thread or Post


Below the post or thread in question, click "Report", as shown below.







Reporting Images in the Gallery


Once the image in question is the main image on your screen, click "Report", as shown below.





Reporting in the Chat Room


Underneath "Online Chat Users", click the red warning option, as shown below.





Once you have hit the report button, the next thing you will see is this:




Simply fill it out and you are done!





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