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It's not just sex.


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Soo as some of you might know due to my previous post last week I have known I am a little for some time now and when I heard and read about littles everything that has always confused me started to make sense and things pretty much fell into place. You could say I've always been a promiscuous person since I was really young like 13.. It's not something I knew I was doing til I got older, well I did know I just didn't know why. Anyway back to the point I have had a lot of partners before my current one just looking for something I didn't know what! And it's Ddlg it's him, I've always joked and called him a grandad he's just so fartherly and caring and he's the only person I've ever came with? What is that all about haha! - so I spent r first weekend together as Daddy and Little and I loved it he said he did too and I don't feel at all as if I have creeped him out or anything, it's just I don't want it to just be sex? I wanna call him daddy all the time, I wanna always be his little (you know not in a sexual way just in day to day life) I was really hoping some of you could help me with some informative reads for my daddy to get a better idea of things? Thanks and sorry for the ramble! X
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