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    #1 LittleGirlBigLove



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    Posted 03 February 2017 - 10:14 AM

    Hey! I love my pet animals and animals in general as i'm sure many other people on this site must so i wanted to create a place where we can gush over them and others.


    I have one dog, a black lab, her name is Mai and she LOVES pizza so much she has stolen it out of people's hands despite knowing she'll get in lots of trouble. She loves her toy pig and being outside in the rain and mud. Doesn't bark at squirrels but goes nuts whenever crows fly by.


    I also have two cats. Bart is a big fat orange cat who looks a lot like Garfield and does nothing all day but sleep in the sun. My other cat, Kaya, is just about 6 months now and is a grey/black tabby who is very cuddly and likes to play with dogs.


    So now I want to hear what animals you have as pets or what animals you want to have as pets someday.


    (P.S. what do you think are better: cats or dogs?)

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    #2 angel-k47


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    Posted 03 February 2017 - 11:03 AM

    i have a small yorkie/shih tzu and he is the smallest little boy with the biggest of attitudes!  :lol: he really loves lettuce and will eat and eat as much as he can. he's all bark and as soon as another dog gets even kinda close to him he cries and whines to be picked up. he's really smart and listens really well (when he wants to, other times he'll stare at you like "i know you're not bossing me around"). 


    i really want a whole home full of animals someday, hopefully some pit bulls and huskys! i like both cats and dogs, but so far have only had dogs as pets.

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    #3 Daddy's Meg

    Daddy's Meg

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    Posted 03 February 2017 - 12:25 PM

    I have four wonderful cats. A set of brothers and a set of princesses.
    He is our all black cat. He is the most talkative cat in the world. He loves Daddy more than I have ever seen a cat love a human. He wants the attention 24-7 and when Daddy leaves he stands at the window and give the most sorrowful cries. He also likes to ride on his shoulder and lay in his lap as much as possible. Mario's favorite toy is string and he goes crazy for it, especially the strings on Daddy's hoodie. He likes to kneel real low and do very very slight kneading. If you touch him he will pur, period.
    He is our big fat gray cuddle cat. He loves me most and adores visiting me in the bathroom and whenever I am trying to do something that doesn't involve him. lol. He is known to lay on my Kindle when I'm trying to read or plopping down on my coloring. He loves to pur and kneed my tummy and chest. He is the first one to show up for treats and loves pineapple because he's a little weird. He is also known to slip out the front door and just flop on the porch, he doesn't really actually run away. He has the smallest meow even though he's the biggest kitty.
    She is out buff and white princess and she knows it. Peach thinks she's a proper royalty but is actually totally clumsy. She gets wild and runs all over the house and jumps half way up the doorways (we call it her Parkcore routine) or else walks around like that is below her. She thinks she's too good for everyone and will only cuddle you if you're alone, if someone else walks in the room she promptly leaves you high and dry. She totally drools when she really start kneading and purring; she'd probably never admit it. She's the first one to start wrestling and usually loses the fight yet has an ego for days. She rarely makes a peep, likes to hide underthings and isn't really a fan of heights at all. She's also terrified of the outside and vacuums.
    Our small fire ball of bright orange and white. She is our "sun cat". If there is sun, she is there. She is more wild than her other housemates and probably the most curious of our cats. She's so curious she had to have surgery as a kitten because she decided to EAT her bed. We also call her our "shark cat" because she will eat anything if we don't watch it. Plastic is her favorite thing to eat. She's the one that leads the dinner pack every right and cries for food multiple times a day, because though she's small, she's a fatty at heart. She rarely kneads or purs but when she does it's the strangest sound and doesn't sound like the rest of the cats. She is also terrified of the outside. She is the absolute best at jumping and LOVES shiny soft toys. She also is the only that will play fetch.
    PS.. cats rule, dogs drool. lol. I actually like them all. I'm also very fond of rats!

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    #4 PrincessClara


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    Posted 03 February 2017 - 01:24 PM

    We have 2 dogs, Brutus is a lab/pitt/Great dane mix so he's a big ol stoopid dog. I love him even if he is huge LOL We also have a chihuahua named Chalula, she is my emotional support dog and she is always nestled right up against me somehow. She sleeps under my butt or between my legs which gets annoying sometimes haha. 


    We also have 2 cats, Mystic is my grumpy old lady kitty who doesn't like any of the other animals in her domain. she screams when her bowl is empty and when she wants attention. You'd think she was dying LOL Moo is our new kitty, he's not a year old yet and he is black and white spotted. He was born by one of our foster kitties and I had to bottle feed him when he was tiny and his mom abandoned him. Now he's getting all fat! 


    I have a chincilla named Poppy, she is so fluffy and feels like petting a cloud. She is a dwarf, so she's smaller than any other chinnies I've seen. She is about 14 years old now. I love her bunches. She is getting a new castle this year with our income tax and I'm super excited for her! 


    Then we are fostering a dog until she finds a furever home. My daddy and I rescue animals a lot and tend to go above and beyond for any poor animals we see. Hopefully we can find her a furever home soon! 

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    #5 Guest_Wally_*

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    Posted 03 February 2017 - 04:58 PM

    Cats are my favorite!     /ᐠ-ᆽ-ᐟ \ 


    My warm, fluffy cat sits on my bed and purrs when anyone comes near.

    Sometimes she licks my face to wake me up in the morning (the best way to wake up) <3

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    #6 MadameButterfly


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    Posted 07 February 2017 - 09:32 AM

    I LOVE cats!!! My first pet was a black cat named Midnight that passed away last year after having her for almost 13 years. I got another cat soon after and she's a feisty little kitty that helped me get over my sadness for my other cat.

    I also have a parakeet named Woodstock and I've had two beta fish before...but I'm not very good with fish lol

    I love dogs also and hoe to have one someday soon, but cats are my favorite animals ever! They're so adorable!
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