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I'm not just a little!


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So I wanted to make this post for everyone who's not just a little.

For instance I'm a little but I'm also

A masochist

A mommy to my son (my actual son)

A hard worker

I can't always be little but that's just it I'm not just a little and I'm proud of it!

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Im a little

Im a kitten

Im a sub

Im a big sister

Im a daughter

Im a soldier

Im a dreamer

Im a stuffy doctor

Im a best friend


Most importantly.... Im me!

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I'm a Little, but also

A masochist
A submissive

A little bit freaky

A Sagittarius

A werido

A homemaker

A worker

A lover

A friend

A child

A dreamer

A worker

An adult

A believer

A doubter

A hoper


I am a living bean,

being me

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I'm a little, a soon-to-be mommy of my first child, artist, musician, a good friend to everyone who needs support, I'm a goth, a punk, I'm broke, ENFP, aries and I'm someone who's been through a lot of shit, but has grown from it!
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