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Play dates for your little

Big Bear

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My wife and I are relatively new to the DDLG dynamic. We fell into it because we are actually very different in age. (I'm 50 and she is 25) it has worked out brilliantly for us because in the begining we struggled a little bit to find a middle ground... trying to act, look and be preseved of as the same age. I don't know how many waitresses, shop girls and others in public have assumed we actually were father and daughter with embarrassing results! Lol! Now we just embrace it and she loves me being her daddy as much as I love her being my little. But before this fell into place, we did try to fulfill a threesome fantasy. It did not go well which I partially attributed to our age gap. She was too young looking for older women (she looks younger than she is) and I was too old for girls her age. We had one girl who we did try this with and she just ended up trying to hook up with my wife... not what we wanted at all. But it occurred to me that in the DDLG community age differences are more fluid. I know there is a lot about the DDLG lifestyle that has possession, ownership and exclusivity built as it's foundation... but has anyone ever had success setting up "play dates" for their little? I'm not sure this is for us either but it seems like it could be a natural here.
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