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My Princess' Little Journal


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My Princess and I went to the store so that I could buy her a brand new journal for our relationship. This journal is supposed to enhance communication between her and I and is not a diary rather a place where she can go to read her rules, keep track of what she ate throughout the day, write notes to me, etc. It's an informal way for her to communicate with me and gives me a better look into her life. It makes it easier for me to see what she's eaten without lording over her; if she feels like I'm busy and can't talk (even though I tell her I'm she's more important) she can write it in her journal and know I'll read it later that night; or even if she is being punished and has to write lines or a short essay, there's a section specifically for that and the rules are right at the very front so she can flip straight to them and begin reading them any time. 


But, I want to do something with this new journal that we haven't done with her previous journals. We've talked about doing it time to time, but have never actually done it. I want to give her daily prompts. I'm envisioning myself giving her a prompt every night before we go to bed, so that she may think about it while she sleeps. And then, she can write it whenever she can/wants to the next day. The thing is, I don't know any prompts. I mean, I could come up with the same old corny prompts, but no princess deserves that. Every princess is special and deserves special prompts. Do any other Caregivers do this? Does anyone have any ideas? I'm open to suggestions.

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I don't do this (I do have a little notebook I keep all my rules , important dates and other things like coloring pages and such all together. ) As far as my food tracking I snap a photo of what I eat and send it to my daddy Steve.


I like the idea of prompts but I am so busy with school I feel like I'd never get around to them.


Super cute idea though and I hope you can get some good prompts together

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I have a few prompt books (Toki-doki makes a really fun one!). I love them.




But maybe look into The Anti-coloring book. It might be helpful. I had it when I was a kid, and now as an adult. Every page gives you something to do. Super fun. I think there is a writing one too but for the life of me I can't find it!



Outside of that. There are tons and tons of writing prompt lists out there. I'd feel silly copying and pasting them, I'm sure you've looked them up.


You could also just use single word subjects. Each day is a color and she has to write something with the color as a running theme. Animals, etc. Anything works.


Good luck.

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Guest Princessaj

How lovely. I am all about writing and keeping a history of my moments.


If you want to set up tasks in an app that both of you can interact with all day long, I have heard many DD/lg's mention www.choremonster.com

Not only can you use this for every day things, you can set it up with goals,

It has a point system with giving and redeeming rewards. Its very cute.


Enjoy your adventure. Hugs

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