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Scared to ask daddy Q ^ Q


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I'm hoping to get some advice here...


I started to like this ddlg thing about a year ago or so.. and my boyfriend kinda treats me like a little, yet I'm not sure if I should ask him if he wants to be my daddy, because I know he doesn't know about bblg relationships...


How he treats me:

☆ He lets me fall asleep on his chest

☆ He doesn't let me walk next to the street

☆ He always takes off my jacket for me and if I closed more than two buttons he would give me kisses for each button

☆ He always takes my hand before crossing the street with me

☆ He calls my toes 'shrimps' ♡


I might add more to the list, when I remember... > n <'


Hope someone can help ; n ;

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Well, this topic has been started quite a few times by all kinds of different people! There's a lot of different ways to go about this, but you should know that if you're happy with your relationship the way it is, you don't have to tell him about it at all! You don't need a label if you don't want to change anything. (and if you want to call him Daddy, then you don't have to relate it to ddlg, you can just ask him if he's "into that sort of thing")





here's just a few topics similar to yours. I'm sure you can find more, and I encourage you to look around the forum for more!


Best of luck!

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