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Guest BunnyButt

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Guest BunnyButt

I always enjoy making things, but I want to learn to do something new!

What do you like to do as a hoody?



^_^ I'd love to see what you do!


BunnyBut xxx

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I crochet. Making a pair of socks now. They're ugly and not fashionable at all but nothing is better during a New England winter!
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Guest PastelRosePrincess

I'm considering maybe attempting to make my very own lolita dress and if it works out I will make a mini version for my Smart Doll as well!

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I made Christmas ornaments in December.

I like doing origami.

Love drawing with my glitter pens.

I tried building with tooth picks but did not end well xD

I made a heart out of whool.

Once made a Christmas calender.

Yea, that's all I can think of that I've made from my "little heart" to my daddies throughout the years.

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I have a lot of hobbies!


I repaint (and reroot) dolls and furniture (it was all original barbie pink etc)..





I make miniatures for my dolls (all the food, the tree, ornaments, presents, even the tape disposer).



I make fondant cake toppers and decorate cakes and cupcakes.





I sew. Lol, these are for my dolls and cats (big shock).



I do digital art (Badly but its just a hobby).



And I do my own nail art.



I also make homemade cards, paint miniatures (for tabletop games), color, write (fanfiction) and do bento boxes (I consider it a hobby you can eat!).


Edit: eek! Sorry the pics are so big, not sure how to shrink them!

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I went to an art school studied cartooning and fashion design. I am teaching myself to paint and use Photoshop but not go too well haha I have a ton of side hobbies too like nail art making beauty products and charms
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