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NEW Little advice pwease !


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Im a new little and I lovee it ! Me and daddy are going shopping this weekend for bottles, paci's , and diapers. What else do you little have for little space ?? Sadly we cannot be 24/7 me and daddy don't live together :( but we hope to go on dates and try our best to still have our ddlg relationship. Any foods for littles? Any ideas on how to not be judged in public and date ideas (cause I want my bottle when me and daddy go out ) Any other advice and shopping stuff thanks my fellow littles ! Also some rules and punishment ideasss !

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Guest Isabelle

Stuffies all shapes sizes colors

Coloring books


There are puzzles/word finds/crosswords that are princess or little friendly

Toys (slinkys, beads, fun erasers in animal shapes)



Go down any kid featured aisle you will LOVE it

Small puzzles for kids (24/48 pieces, can also color your own pictures cut them up and contact paper them to make them your own)



Special glitter/sparkle nail polish and makeup

Hair bows/ribbons/ties

Scarves with fluffy sparklies



Clothes if you fit in them, or just fun socks can be varied or t-shirts with unicorns


Slippers with animal heads

Cereal box toys

Pencils with special ends/tops on them like ponies or dangliy things

Gel pens

Disney movies, kid movies in general

Food: things like teddy grahams, gold fish crackers, fruit snacks, cereal in fun shapes/colors, mac n' cheese, corn dogs (piggies in blanket) mini pancakes, juice boxes, dinosaur shape chicken nuggets, pb&j, spaghettios, apple slices, bananas cut up in cereal)


I often have a little toy like a slinky fits in my pocket, I don't have a daddy but it fits in my hand cuz it's so small. Things like mini golf, arcade are places kid friendly, amusement parks, kid movies. Bottle maybe no so easy to have in public, but you can hold daddy's hand, have a few secret words, and for girls usually a stuffy isn't seen as too judgmental.


Rules/punishments go with what you want. Spankings, standing in the corner, denial of favorite food/candy/stuffie/orgasm, writing I'm sorry 100 times, rules like ask daddy before you eat candy or go out/brushing teeth/daily activities, rules for daddys like no swearing, send me a kiss three times a day. Depends what you want structured in your lives and if you have slave/masochism/etc. other areas in your relationship. you and daddy can pick each other clothes or parts of them as well. Most littles like a routine/structure for daddy to help them with and most daddys will do rules for littles on what they like their little to do for them, like call me every morning, or make breakfast, or ask me before such and such.

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I've been lucky enough to find little clothes in the girls section at Target, I just have to buy the largest size available. I haven't actually gone to rue 21 or forever 21 but I checked out their website and it looks promising. I buy jewelry and makeup at Claire's. Food I'll get things like chicken nuggets, pizza rolls, hot dogs,French toast sticks,mini pancakes. I have princess plates and little cutlery too.
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