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middle and dom


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Been looking around the whole ddlg lifestyle for a few months now and thought until recent I was a daddy/dom but some online friends have noticed I'm more of a middle.


I'd like to know more about the whole middle role in general and also as the title says if I can still be dom and caring for other littles as I do feel a still feel drawn to the daddy role?

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You could also be a switch. Dom when needed/wanted, middle when not.


I'm a middle myself and I like to think of myself as a tween/teen personality. I'm a bit bratty, mostly independent but still want/need my Daddy. I'm child-like, giggly and silly. I enjoy being playful, but my jokes are mostly sarcastic.

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It's also possible that you behave in a way that's just a bit different from however your friends view a Daddy should be. And that may not necessarily be what a Daddy HAS to be, because there is no one true way to be a Daddy. Every Daddy is different, and every relationship is different. How you are as a Daddy is really up to you and any little you may have. Not every Daddy is strict, serious, ultra-disciplinary, etc. I don't think that your friends can really say for sure if you are a middle or not, even if they know you well. That's really up to you to decide through some introspection, and Topics like these are a great way to do that. If you are in fact a middle, then yes it's possible to be a Middle and Daddy. It's also possible that you are just an overall more childish and less strict Daddy who is still ultimately in charge at the end of the day. And you could always be something completely different from either of those two examples. I think that sometimes we get caught up in labels and what you should and shouldn't be to fit within that particular box. Instead of doing that, just focus on being what you want to be and find a compatible partner who matches you in all of those things.

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