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I don't plan on killing myself its just a poem, please dont be worried 



My halo, it's broken and held up by horns

My legs, flesh broken, beaten and torn

My heart, battered and misshapen with no lasting form

My wings were sheared off

This is the day I die

These pills in my hand

Are my last goodbye

To the ones that I love

It's my time to shine

To the ones that I hate

It's your turn to die


You destroyed something beautiful

The smile on my face

The warmth in my eyes

The bounce in my gait

I filled it with sadness

I filled it with hate

Now I'm bringing you



You called me a fag

Oh wait, TO BAD

Your oppressive words can't hurt me, so sad

You stare at my corpse

In this shiny black box

You stand there and turn over all of your thoughts

You remember the days

When I was alive

But it's tainted by the day that I died.


Years will come and years will go

But just you wait

You can't reap what you don't sow


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