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Daddy doesnt want to be my daddy


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I'm new to this website but just wanted to get someone else's opinion on the matter. The other day daddy and I got into a big fight. During the fight he said he couldn't be my daddy right now because I don't listen to him and I argue with him. But he never punishes me when I misbehave and doesn't do a lot of daddy stuff I wish he would do. After the fight was over he said it was fine and nothing had changed but now I'm afraid to call him daddy and idk if I should just end that part of our relationship when I'm around him. I don't think he understands what I need from him as a daddy and it's not worth explaining it again. He always said he loved being my daddy before. But he never tried to bring out my little side and never punished me. I'm pretty bratty sometimes and would love it if he would be more strict with me.I love being his little and its been hard to stop, I still find myself acting little around him but feel like I can't call him daddy or do certain things that are more little. Should I give up on having him as my daddy or try again?
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The best thing to do is to sit down and have a heart to hart conversation. Be blunt. Ask him if he still wants to be your daddy. If he says yes, then review your expectations of what a good daddy is. If he says no, then I would say to move on. After reviewing your expectations, ask him what he wants in a little. He may not like your brattiness; he may think you're trying to be insubordinate. Either way, you won't know what's really going on unless you talk with him. 

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I think a lot of Daddies are attracted to the idea of DD/lg but not the reality. They don't get that littles have more needs than a lot of subs and that the identity goes beyond a sexual kink. Most, if not all, littles need some sort of boundaries - clear boundaries - and if they don't get that, they push just like kids do, act out, looking for limits that will make them feel safe. If he can't understand that or isn't willing, then he may not be Daddy material. If he's not willing to put the effort in to make and enforce boundaries and rules, which you need, then you may need to rethink things. I'm sorry.

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well he said everything is fine and nothing changed so  i owuld go along with that. have you told him you want a 'strict' daddy? being a daddy doesnt necessarily mean you are strict. make rules, or give punishments. those are not a part of my relationship. let him know what you want, if he doesnt know how, you hsould just come up with the stuff yourself and just have him enforce them. you said you enjoyed being his little, you just want rules implemented. so i wouldnt end things with him. send him links to posts that describe what you want if you need hep explaining.

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Guest Candy Minx ♡

i feel like part of me needs to chime in about him not being more strict

and giving you rules. i've seen an awful lot of littles post about how

their daddy doesn't give them rules, how he's not doing what THEY want

and it sorta feels like many littles don't take into consideration that they

may not like the same things you like. if a little came onto here and said

something along the lines of they don't want rules in their relationship

or don't like them people would be quick to hop up and tell them that

they don't NEED rules, that every relationship is different, that they don't

have to do anything they don't want to or that makes them uncomfortable.


same goes for daddies. 


your daddy may not like rules or being strict, it can also be beyond exhausting

to adult and then come home to a bratty little. i often see littles use the excuse

of being bratty or popping in and out of little space and then continue to complain

that their daddies aren't doing what they want but rare is it that i see the consideration 

taken that daddies are people, too. they have emotions, needs. wants, and they get

burnt out just like we littles do. maybe instead of being a brat all of the time you can

instead control yourself every once n' awhile. i, myself, am a brat but i have very

few rules and most of the rules i see on here that littles have are something that i

just naturally desire to follow because i like to please my Daddy, i like it when he's

happy. i also realize that working and going to school full time can be hard on him

so sometimes i need to suck it up, i can still be little and engage in our relationship

i just control myself. i'm not at all saying that could be you, i'm just suggesting that

instead of trying to force rules out of him and wanting him to be more strict - that you

consider it's not his cup of tea. that you remember he's also just human like you are. 

that, if having rules is SO important to you that you implement them yourself and

make/follow your OWN rules set up for yourself and that you judge his emotional/

physical state before you decide to brat up on him. remember that you're still an

adult despite the fact you're a little and that sometimes - even when you REALLY

want to be little - you just have to be an adult. this may even be something he doesn't

want as a lifestyle but instead rather just have moments of during his day. there are

things here to look at that aren't just your wants or needs, his need to be taken into

mind as well. 


also if it's not worth explaining it to him again? then there's really no advice anyone

can give you here because a huge part of relationships are communication. 

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Guest QueenJellybean

Wow, I haven't posted advice in a while here, but anyone who knows me is going to know that this is going to sound like a broken record because I say it /all/ the time. It doesn't ring any less true, however --


Yes, but have you communicated? 


It sounds like you need to have a serious sit down with your partner and explain how you're feeling. Show him this post, if it helps. Communicating our feelings can be hard, but we need to work through them in order for real progress to be made. I say all the time that we have to communicate, especially if we don't want to. This seems like one of those instances, because it doesn't matter what advice we give you, the only ones who can make this work or decide it can't work anymore is you two. 


Sit down. Tell him how you're feeling. What you're missing, and what you think he does right. That part is important! Don't just focus on the negatives. Hear him out too. Let him tell you how he feels without interrupting, or trying to explain your actions. Hopefully, he'll offer the same respect to you. Set a timer and just let one of you talk until it beeps without being interrupted and then reset it for the next person's turn. Be honest and open. Good luck!

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