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Feeling shamed


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Hello all little's/Daddy's ext. I've become fairly new to DDLG relationships, and due to those circumstances i decided to have a little discussion with a friend of mine who was also in a DDLG relationship because i felt ashamed for who i was as a little, and i needed a reassurance on myself.

I enjoy things such as:

1. Coloring

2. Paci's

3. Stuffies

4. Baby talk

5. Cartoons

6. Being fed

7. Being read bedtime stories

8. Sippy cups

9. Cartoons

10. Playing with dolls

My little friend said that it was more age play than anything and it made me feel uncomfortable in my own skin, so i guess I'm trying to look for someone to reassure me of who i am as a little. Thank you.

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Guest Ginger

TL;DR: You have no reason to feel ashamed! If you believe you're a Little, then you're a Little! Simple as that :3 You do what makes you happy. Don't let other peoples opinions dictate your happiness!


I found a good article awhile back about the difference in age play and being a Little. The line's very, very thin. If I remember correctly, the basis of the whole thing was that if you ask a Little their age, they can't give you one. They might be able to give you a range like 2-5 but it fluctuates sometimes, according to their mood.


An Age player, however, can give you the exact age right then and there and act that exact age. Little's tend to vary a lot with their ages. Some like coloring and baby talk (you could say that's a baby girl/boy and a 2 year old at once) and later on he/she might be moody and bratty (more of a toddler or Middle). Little's are usually just... well it's their natural state of mind, just like some CG's are naturally caring and/or protective like that themselves.


Age players can switch it on and off easily, Little's and their CG's can't, they just learn how to mask it when needed and be the adult that's necessary. Someone might ask an Age player, "I want a 3 year old." and they're able to slip right into that mind set. Little's can't usually do that.


Now, I'm not saying AT ALL that you can't be both! I'm just saying that the line between them is usually very thin so people do get it mixed up a lot. Also, I'm not saying this is how it is. This is just one take one it. Others might believe otherwise and that's perfectly okay. :) I just thought I'd throw out my two cents.

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According to most people's definition of age play it's mostly if not only sexual which looking at the list isn't what being little is to you so if say you are
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What i thhink is that you seeems to love very nice activities! :) ... If you can do all that you must have a lot of fun!


That said.. what else do you need? Enjoy great time and good for you!

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I feel like being a little is a part of a person's personality and ageplay is part of a person's romantic interests and ddlg is an umbrella term for lots of types of relationships whether they are sexual or not but that's just my view of it. 

I would say just enjoy being you and know there's plenty of people out there with your same interests. :) 

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I tend to think of the terms 'age playing' and 'little' as two sides of the same coin; this is just my personal view. As Ginger said above, it's a very thin line. That being said, I don't think anyone should feel shame for identifying as or being called one or the other term, one is no less valid or acceptable than the other. Quite simply, if you identify as a little, than that is who you are. 


It sounds like you may be uncomfortable with being viewed as an age player by your friend, perhaps you somehow find it dirty? I know that some people have this viewpoint, but I think that it's important to remember that between consenting adults no kink behavior is inherently wrong or dirty, although it may not be your thing personally.

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Here's my thing. For years I ignored the fact I am little because I thought being little is wrong. I used to go to the toy shop and pick out all the things I liked spending literally £100 on some occasions. Only to decide a couple of weeks later I was being silly and sent it all packing to the charity shop. I don't see anything wrong with your list. People will see what they see it doesn't make them any more right than you are wrong.


I don't see the things I like as age play. Age play to me sounds like something I would choose to do. Like I would go out of my way to play with my teddies as I am playing at being little. I genuinely like to play with my teddies it is what I do regularly. When I get dressed and put my dungaree dress on and my hair in a side pony I don't think I am going to dress up like a kid today. I just wear the clothes I like which happen to look kiddish because I am who I am.


One thing I find funny is how I used to feel so ashamed about colouring in and hid my colouring. Then all of a sudden a year or two ago bam we get this wave of adult colouring books. And adults colouring in suddenly becomes an actual thing. Funny that.

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