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Ways to make the daddy/mommy happy

daddys little amy

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Guest Georgia-Daddy2

Uuum ok I have a few some are sfw and some are nsfw


Sfw: draw them a picture, sing to them, cook their favorite for them


NSFW: oral favors, wearing sexy outfits, asking them to use toys on you


That's the best I can come up with now I hope this helps :)

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Guest BuckeyeDaddy22

I'd say every mommy or daddy is different but for most knowing their little is their happy, healthy, silly self who wants to spend time with us is always good! 


If you have a CG this is something you can always ask them, especially if the relationship is still pretty new. I know I'd love to see that my little is taking an interest in ways to make me happy and I'd be more than happy to guide her if she's not sure how. 

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