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daddys little amy

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Guest Georgia-Daddy2
There aren't really rules it's more of a however you want to do it kinda thing like some people will do one thing and others won't it's up to you to decide what your ddlg lifestyle is like XD I'm sorry I know this isn't exactly helpful
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Definitely go around the caregiver section and little space section of the website because I know this question has most likely been asked before. Not to demean it, but taking a stroll around the site will certainly give you all the information you might need.



Biscuits  :heart: 

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Hi Daddys Little Amy,


I'm really new too, been in my first DDLG relationship for about a month now. My daddy has had other dom/sub daddy/little relationships before but this is all so brand new to me. I am absolutely loving it. Its as if everything is finally making sense to me, I've always been a Little, it just took meeting my daddy to realise it. 


Do you have an experienced daddy? 


I asked similar questions to you on here initially about rules and how do I do it right.....at the time people said go with the flow, talk to your daddy, explore and play and it will all come naturally. At the time I really wanted a step by step guide to explain it all, but everyone was right, it does start to come naturally. 


What I have learnt so far is this:


Good communication is key: my daddy and I talk about everything. There is complete honesty between us. Any questions or concerns I have I talk to him about, even if its a bit difficult or awkward. We talk. Its the most open relationship I have ever been in and its amazing. I can tell him anything.


Research: Sounds silly but I googled away for hours. Soaking in all I could about Dom/Sub relationships, DDLG, I read forums (this one in particular is excellent), I took quizzes.......when I had questions I asked daddy, or if I had read something interesting we would discuss it. He loves how inquisitive I am.


Play and experiment: Daddy wanted to know quite early on what my hard limits were and I had no idea. Sex before had been so vanilla. I didn't know where to start. So initially daddy asked me questions: did I like the idea of this / that. A lot of things I had no idea if I would like them or not because I had never done them. There were a few things I initially thought would be instant hard limits - anal, ball gags, being hog tied.....but I wanted to try them with my daddy to see. So far we've yet to explore together and declare anything a hard limit. The ball gags are still a bit of a work in progress - playing around with positions and scenarios, but daddy is so patient and understanding, I know if I decide its a hard limit, they will be off the table for good.


And the most important of all LET GO: I knew I had issues letting myself go sexually before meeting my daddy. I warned him of this. But together we are working on me letting go. Parts of me are now able to completely let go, which is so freeing I can't even explain it. There are still elements where I almost get into arguments with myself....this is more on the S&M side of the relationship. I am loving pushing my body and exploring my limits, but there is  part of me that is struggling to let myself go completely. I'll have tears falling down my cheeks, not tears of sadness or fear, but from a build up of such passion and ecstasy and its such a release. But there is still more of me to let go. I'll get there. Daddy never pushes me, never demands anything of me, he is amazing. I'm very lucky.


Well that was a bit of an essay........I hope it helped!! xxx

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