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What's She Doing?

Guest thepoet

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Guest thepoet

I wonder what she's doing. Sitting with the letters from

A love that went to ruin and slowly going through 'em,

Or throwing up a finger at a car that nearly hit her,

Tote full of tofu and tomatoes for her dinner?

Hopefully she's happy. Maybe she's asleep,

Or maybe she's awake because she's had a crazy week

And it's weighing on her mind. I wonder if she's rushing

In the rain to make the restaurant, or waiting 'til it's dry.

Shopping for a puppy, or with a cup of coffee?

Lost within her studies or preoccupied with hobbies?

Washing up the dishes, maybe wishing for a lover

Or fussing with her fringe because she's visiting her mother?

Maybe she's laying on the grass in the park.

Is she contemplating pouring all her heart into her art?

She probably isn't pondering that someone could be wondering

Of when she may be slumbering or up to see the sun again.


I could play the part, be the one to safeguard your heart.

I could make you laugh, never want to be far apart.

I could take that path, give you everything

I have to give. And I'll make you glad I did.


I wonder what she's thinking. Sitting in the traffic

With her fingernails tapping and her indicator blinking.

Singing in the shower, the morning in her palm,

Or drowning out the sound as she's ignoring her alarm.

Polishing her nails, accomplishing her goals.

Is she longing for some honesty as solace for the soul?

Is she late for an appointment, or early for a date?

Was her day a disappointment so she's yearning for escape?

Maybe she's amazing. She might be at the beach

Holding freedom in her hands, feeling sand beneath her feet,

Or maybe on the city street, dreaming of the sea as she's

Weaving through a thick of sheep that never seems to cede.

Is it possible she's in the same position, written

Pages full of contemplation on my day's description?

She probably isn't pondering that someone could be wondering

Of whether she's been suffering or if she wants to love again.

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