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Hi, I'm new to this web sight. And I have kind of been a closet little for a long time. Even though sometimes people try to insult me by saying, "what are you? three" :) 

Anyway I live in little old  aotearoa and I'd love to talk and meet and chat to other Daddys and littles from New Zealand. I'd like to know how comfortable you feel living the life style in New Zealand and any other tips you might have for me. (I've tried fet life and I didn't like it.)

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Guest LilGaia
There are quite a few of us here. I like fet because it lets us connect with the community and keep up to date with events but I agree it's not that great a site for meeting potential partners, just a lot of creeps and perves. I'd suggest going to munches and meeting people in the community xD xx
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