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Finding it hard to talk to her...


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I identify as a switch, a bratty princess or a (slightly) over protective Mummy, but I'm finding it hard to talk to women on here. 

Talking to men is fine! It comes naturally.

But I come from Russia which is a very homophobic country.

So I've only just come out to liking women. I'm very new to dating women so I have no idea how to talk to them either online or in real life.


I'm afraid that I'll never be able to talk to other women and that I'll never learn. 


Is it weird that I can't talk to them and what advice can you give me to help with my anxiety?



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Guest PastelRosePrincess

I was just the same to be honest, I think you just have to tell yourself that gender should not matter in conversation. Just talk to them like you would a man. Just be yourself and let the person be themselves and everything just sort of works out in the end I promise.

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