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Little Lily Pup

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It seems quite a few littles have a little age between 2 and 12. Does anyone have a little age that's younger? Like maybe 6 months to a year? 



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my little age is 0-4 (mostly 2). when i'm little, unless i'm 4, i love wearing diapers (i've used like once or twice, i like it but i'm still getting comfortable with it around daddy) and my pacis! but i've regressed to younger than a year before, i love it. 

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I love littles who wearing diapers. I'm feeling more important for her and they are so cute like that, full of innocence ! And 2yo is a normal age to wear diapers.
Especially with all cute diaper now as the ABU or Rearz diaper. Even drynites are cute for the day.

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