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Hey Caregivers, daddy's, mommys, masters, sirs, mistresses etc.


I was just wondering what are some ways that you do aftercare with your little/ Pet? What are some differences that you may have when it comes to aftercare depending on if you're sub is feeling little or feeling like a pet? And if you're long distance, some long distance aftercare tips would be helpful too!

Lists/bulletpoints are fine! Thank you! <3



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Guest Wolfsbabylove

Daddy and I have a bath/shower together every night. After that we cuddle and watch a movie. On days that I have homework, He helps me proof read my essays and projects before I submit them.I know thats not aftercare but it does get my school work done faster so we can play. lol Aftercare is different every time but usually always involves baths,cuddles, and a movie.

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 Aftercare is geared to what kind of play happened and what I need to do to check the safety of my partner (ie, lotion, checking if I need to bandage anything, massaging, water, snack, etc), but there are a few things that are constant:

- a lot of cuddles, both for her benefit and mine. 

- continuous reassurance, be that verbally in person or over text to help if drop happens.


More common for little:

- watching something together (usually an cute anime, or disney movie)

- getting her her sippy

- snacks

- stuffies


More commonly for pet:

- saying "good girl" a lot

- telling her she did good

- belly rubs

- aloe is very common since pet play for us gets rougher

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  • Sippy cups! As important as it is to hydrate yourself afterwards.... SIPPYS ARE AWESOME!
  • Blankie! I love to be wrapped up in at least 2!
  • Teddys! I love all my teddys! My favourites are Bill & Ted! (Yep, those are their names)
  • Cuddles! I can seriously cuddle my partner forever... If he didn't snore.
  • Colouring or drawing. This really relaxes me, especially in little space.
  • Dummy. (Or paci for Americanisms) 
  • Disney/Pixar movies. They always lighten my mood!
  • Cartoon programmes. Like Scooby Doo, Barbie, The Bratz, Fairly Odd Parents, Recess, old Disney/Nickelodeon/Cartoon Network stuff i grew up with!
  • Lotsa daddy kisses. You can never have enough daddy kisses.
  • Hot chocolate! With whipped cream and sprinkles.
  • Head pats and shoulder rubs. Nothing better than a head pat and being told I'm a good girl, damn right I'm a good girl.
  • A massage. Get right into those shoulders!
  • A back scratch. My partner really likes this.
  • A hot bubble bath! Don't forget the bubbles!
  • Kind and encouraging words. Something everyone needs! But if you're into erotic humiliation, it's not something anyone should forget about!
  • Midnight drives. Even if it's just to the shop!

For me, there isn't too much of a huge difference between petplay aftercare and littlespace aftercare, one of my closest friends is into petplay and we pretty much have the same aftercare routine. We both even wag our feet when we're happy!  Her master is more inclined to wash her than my partner is to wash me and my partner is more inclined to read me stories? 


As for long distance aftercare.. I'm not sure why long distance would need it? I'd like to understand what you mean so if you can explain that part please ^^


If it does get rougher, then I 

can't recommend Aloe Vera

enough. It's like a god send. 

I'm really love cute plasters,

such as Star Wars Plasters,

Frozen Plasters, Barbie Plasters,


Just keep lotion and cute plasters nearby xD


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Daddy usually comes and showers with me and then wraps me up like an Eskimo and puts on a nigh nigh movie. He's still working on getting aftercare down cause for us playtime is really really rough. But hes gotten alot better :3 and I enjoy the little bit we do cause before it wasn't there at all :3
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