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Little's Easter Party, Ideas Needed!


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Hi, everyone! This year I'm holding a little's Easter party at my home and I could use some help generating ideas!


I'm already planning on having an Easter egg hunt and I'm also making super Easter baskets for everyone.


A few things I need help with

-What food should I serve?

-Other then the egg hunt what activities should I do?

-What is are some good littles movie you love? 

-And what are some awesome little touches I can add? 


Anything else you would like to add or can think of would be really appreciated! 


Thanks a bunch in advance!


Emma <3 


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Guest lunarmoth

Arts and crafts and coloring is always awesome. You could do coloring pages of easter bunnies and such. You could have craft foam and make bunny door hangers and such. 

food - snacky foods are a must :) I personally love candy and cookies and rice cakes and pudding and "ants on a log" (celery pb raisins) and veggies with ranch dip. hummus and bread. the possibilities are endless.


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Every year my cousin does an egg hunt - one for kids, one for 18+ and if you find an egg with a number on a strip of paper inside of it, you get the prize matching that number - and they're tiny eggs. The little golden eggs with numbers on them always won us giant chocolate baskets with plush bunnies in them. For more savory foods we always make deviled eggs and have carrots/ ranch. We do apple bobbing and caramel apples - we use the super small apples because the kids get too full from bigger ones and just end up eating only the coating :p Also an egg/ spoon race.

You could also wear bunny ears and as for movies maybe Hop or Easter Beagle (Charlie Brown) You should check out "The Tale of the Bunny Picnic" too

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I saw a video of unicorn fudge! it was different colors of white chocolate + sweetened condensed milk with edible glitter and sprinkles! It was so cute!! There's also "bunny bait" which is chex mix/puppy chow with white chocolate and melted marshmallow creme covered chex mix with powdered sugar and sprinkles instead of chocolate chips and peanut butter. 

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