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How do you cope with days of just utter loneliness when you are a Daddyless little?

Today is a bad bad day and I am just feeling so down I want to curl up in my bed with my stuffie and cry.

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Guest Princessaj

Hi and thank you for asking for our support.


It's totally OK to curl up in your bed with your stuffie and cry.

You have every right to give self care when you are lonely for a Daddy.


Here are some ideas to make the waiting more tolerable....


1) Make a "Lonely List."

Think of things that you know make you feel better in times like these.

- Eating your favorite foods that are good for you.

- Planning a play date with a little friend even if it is on Skype.

- Volunteering to help someone with their burden. When we give to others we automatically feel better.

- Google search for things that you like in the "Images" page. Puppies, kittens, butterflies are my favorite things.

- Make playlists on YouTube of music that will make you want to dance...

Think of things that you can do on your own, with someone and with people you haven't met yet.


2) Get your "little" style on. Work on "little" outfits, hair styles and make-up that showcase your little side and take some great pictures. Potential Daddies always want to see pictures of you being little and viola, you will have a whole album to pull from. This comes from first hand knowledge of me rushing around trying to get my "middle" look together in a hurry because I don't have pictures to send. I have learned my lesson and do some "middle" styling photo shoots as an ongoing project. Even when I have a Daddy, I will still do them to have nice snaps on hand to send him every now and again. I have just downloaded free photo apps that let you make the pictures prettier, add fun images and even one that will help you put virtual make-up on your pictures...these are free Snapseed,Aviary and Perfect 365.


3) Research, research, read, read....all about DDlg. The more you know about yourself as a little the better you will be at choosing the right Daddy. What do you want him to be like? What kind of rules do you want? What kind of punishments do you want? What kind of rewards do you want? and on and on. I found out I was a "middle" 9 months ago and have studied DDlg until I am silly, because I wanted to be ready when I met my Daddy.


4) Last but not least, make little friends. They are right here on this forum. Amazing littles from around the world that you can learn from and support in their little world. Littles with Daddies and little without. It is the best feeling to know, even if we don't talk/text/em all the time that the little/middle friends I made over the last 9 months keep me company in my head all the time.



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Wow! That was an amazing response, thank you!! I will try that, and I doooo want to make friends, but I am so awfully shy......

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ohh pick me! pick me! lol

Nah, seriously, I would luv to be your friend :3


Loneliness sucks, I've been there and it's just horrible. On the bright side, some littles feel lonely even with their daddy... that is the worse kind of lonely, you just need to be a bit patient and find your guy, he is out there, I promise *hugs*

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Hello Mountain Willow,

     I would like to say that you are not alone in this. When a little or a DD/DM feels loneliness the pain is there for both sides. As a DD when i didn't have a little (and i am still working towards that goal) there were/are times of depression and hurt, feelings of I am not good enough, and the ever present why isn't this happening.. I personally found that I had to find little distractions, things i enjoyed doing to guide my thoughts away from the negative thoughts that can harm our thinking. I didn't look to see your little age but i will offer this example. if your little age is lets say 5-7 years old, when was the last time you made a Mud pie out of real mud... or if to cold outside ... made cakes out of play-doh, or colored.. sometimes the big girl has to take the little girl  on a secret window shopping/shopping  trip and explore their likes and dislikes together. I know its more fun when DD does these things with you, and I would love to have a little bring me a mud pie or a play-doh cake, but it takes time to find the right match to make a DD/lg relationship that will work... patience will pay off,  take your time and find the right one and if the loneliness gets to much to handle get into the chat room with your DD/lg family and let them know your in a rough way,  most will be glad to help you through the rough times, and ya can always drop me a message and i will be glad to respond and chat with you . stay safe

Whispering-oak   aka: John

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