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How do i know if my daddy truly wants me

Daddys little angel

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My daddy acts stand offish a lot lately it Seams .. He said

I'm what he acts but it don't feel like it i just came home after spending a week with him....i know he has a lot going on but still i need daddy to help me at times and for the most part he gets on me a lot lately and i stay in trouble more please help me

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Guest Candy Minx ♡

best and only real advice, communication. talk to him. you have to. you're going

to end up wondering and wondering and worrying yourself sick unless you get

a direct answer. figure out how you feel, what you want to address, pick a good

time where both of you are in good spirits and sit down for a serious talk. only 

way you're going to know what's going on, if anything at all, is by hearing it from

the horse's mouth.


and don't wait too long, problems get worse when they're not addressed and fixed.


but also take into consideration that being a caregiver is a big job, can be stressful.

self-care on top of caring for another can take a lot out of a person. so, make sure

you understand that, yes, daddies are people as well and that they need care and

attention. yes, sometimes they get burnt out. not everyone deals with it too well. 

you said he has a lot going on right now, maybe he needs you to help him instead/

as well. honest communication. consideration. compromise. that's all i can think of

that will help your issue. 

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Yeah communication us the only way to sort it out. Tell him how you're feeling. If he truly cares he will try to sort things and find time to give u the attention u need. If he is not prepared to do that for u maybe he just isn't right for u
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