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Littlespace Crashing


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I know two forum posts in one day, but I had another question regarding littles and the little headspace. So, I'm sure I'm like many other littles in the way that when I'm stressed i have a hard time getting into littlespace. When I do though, I'm usually fine after that, but lately I've been having these things that I can only describe as crashes. So I'll start feeling really little and I will be giggly and playing around like usual, but then I suddenly just basically crash . . . hard. I get really depressed and get a lot of really self deprecating thoughts and i just lose all energy. Now it should say I'm under an extreme amount of stress right now, so that's probably why. My Daddy knows that this is happening but we are long distance and he cant always be around or do anything to help me. He is also pretty busy right now so I'm not getting much attention from him though I don't hold it against him.  He seems very upset about the situation and that I can't think of any suggestions for him to help me. I should also say this is not resulting from any scenes or explicit activity, it just happens randomly. I guess I can boil this down to three questions:

  1. Have any other littles experienced something like this?
  2. Do you have any suggestions as to what I can do to prevent crashing?
  3. Any suggestions of how my Daddy can help me from a distance even while busy?
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1. All. The. Time! Like I need it to stop and honestly, it's really annoying cause I'll be super happy and then BAM! same thing, depression hits in and i start insulting myself like "Why should you even be a little when you can't even get a daddy" and things like that.


2. I think what the cause of it may be is your depression. I know for myself it creeps up on me and will attack you like crazy until you're a big pile of tears and self-hate and loathing. So I guess just try to find things to help bring you out of your depression and, in theory, you'll stop crashing.


3. Just have him help you with your depression is the only advice I can give. I'm assuming that it's your depression, in general, that's getting in the way of you being able to fully enjoy your little space, so just whatever he can do to help you overcome your depression. 


I wish you luck and remember that everyone is here for you. 

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Guest Bunnyblossom

From experience there's not much to help it.

Just gotta work on shutting that part of your brain up.

When you start to feel like it's gonna start, focus on what you're doing and push the negative comments out of the way.


Basically you can only fix it if you're willing to put the effort in.

Cuz listening to all the shitty things you're thinking to or about yourself is only going to make it worse.


That's what I mean though- it's not much help, unless you can shut it off.

And that's pretty hard depending on severity.


Hope you and your Daddy find a way though. If you do you should post your guys' solution here for others with the same issue.


Good luck

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I had that just recently and it sucked, but I kept telling myself that I'm loved when my head said no one did, and I am pretty when my head said I'm a monster. Just say the opposite of what your bad thoughts say is my advise, it works for me so I hope it works for you too. ^_^

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Usually when I get like this daddy does something to make me more little but when he isn't there then he sometimes sends a video to a separate chat thingy that I can watch whenever I need/want it so maybe get your daddy to record something when he isn't quite as busy and see if that helps?
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