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Need some advice


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First of all I would like to say that I don't identify as either a caregiver or a little. 

My sister and I (both female) have lived together for the last 6 months, before we moved into together she confessed to identifying as a little and I don't have any problems with that seeing as in the bedroom (only) I identify as a submissive. 

Since moving in together I am the one that cooks, cleans, does the dishes, and most of the household chores. I really don't mind doing these things, and rather enjoy having someone to do them for, but last night was a little strained. I didn't automatically agree to what she wanted for dinner which led to her stomping out of the living room to her room for a cry session.

I got to talking with a friend of mine who doesn't know her, but knows her being a little; before we really got to talking about what happened he popped off the remark "she just needs to get laid." Typical male response. I got to thinking that something might be wrong. 

My friend mentioned that maybe she sees me as her caregiver and because of this she has a high standard that no one else can meet. 

Is there a possibility that it could happen? I'm just worried about it effecting her finding someone that can meet all of her needs (both in and out of the bedroom). 


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Little or not she's grown. Having a crying fit over what's for dinner? No excuse. Littles are not helpless and if she didn't want what you wanted you can both make your own food.


Sounds like she's just showing off to get her way. Her lack of independence will make it difficult for her to find a partner.


You'll have to talk to her and tell her that your not going to just take care of her forever and that she should do things for herself. Being little isn't an excuse for being lazy/having fits. And tell her that her behavior was not appreciated. Thats such a rude way to treat someone who is doing a nice thing for you.

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Guest Candy Minx ♡

her behavior wasn't acceptable at all. not as a little nor an and adult. as a little she

is still, first and foremost, an adult and should know better than to do what she did.

she seems spoiled or mayhaps her idea of being a little is off kilter, that'd be 

something she needs to look into because really, none of what she did was alright.

using being a little as an excuse to avoid adult responsibilities isn't okay. 


it could be possible that she does see you as her caregiver but not in a romantic

way, littles can have non-romantic caregivers. i'd honestly be a lot less worried

about her finding a partner with an attitude like hers and more concerned with

how to go about helping fix her behavior/attitude before even getting into a


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It really sounds like she is pushing the role of caregiver on to you. You should talk to her about setting some boundaries. Let her know that you love and support her but you are not her CG. 

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Guest mlkykit

Wow. Lot's of things to say about this, but I'm just going to be very brief.


I think a lot of Littles tend to forget that they are an adult first and foremost, and being an adult comes with responsibilities. Her little brat show was completely unacceptable; You're her sister, not her caregiver. She could have easily made something for herself if she didn't agree with what was on the menu. Like @Spooky said, it does seem like she's pushing the role of Caregiver unto you for whatever reason, that in and of itself is selfish and manipulative. My advice would be to sit her down and have a serious conversation. You have to think of yourself as well.

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