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So, I'm new to this entire thing, ive been a sub for a while, but never thought of myself as a little until recently, however, ive never had a caregiver, When I run into littles, I take them in until they find a more permanent cg. While I'm more than happy to help people who have been in my situation, it's not as enjoyable for me as I guess it should be.


I suppose my questions would be, how do I be a little without a mommy? How can I get into little space? (because it's sometimes difficult for me) And should I perhaps look for a more permanent little and cement my place as a switch?

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There are loads and loads of posts on here about how to be little without a caregiver. I'm not much help in this department as I've never had to do it. My Daddy and I are married and discovered DDlg/CGl together. Getting into littlespace is all a very personal thing. I don't sink into littlespace generally, it's more common for me to sink into "big" space. I'm usually little. I don't age regress and being little is part of my personality. Some things that make me feel extra extra little are animals, coloring, games, festivals/parties/carnivals. Put on some music and dance by yourself, do your favorite activity, watch an animated movie. What makes you happy? These are things that make me feel extra little.


I imagine being a switch is super hard. I, personally could never do it. I'm far too submissive and little, and attempting to be Dominate even during a scene makes me sick at my stomach. If switching is for you though and you're struggling with being a "temporary" Caregiver, then yes I suggest finding something more permanent. Keep in mind though.... many, many Daddies/Mommies believe their role is temporary. They are helping a little accomplish their goals, and then their chapter in life is over. That doesn't mean this has to be a goal for you, but it is a very valid one, and can be very important.


You are helping a little learn what a good Caregiver looks like. This can help keep them out of trouble later down the line. You're also helping a little feel valid, protected, safe and loved. I would ask yourself is it the temporary part that bothers you or is it the switching? I only bring this up because you tell us you've always been submissive, so to switch into a somewhat Dominate role I imagine is hard.

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