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What do littles like about being little?


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I'm wandering through internet.

Reading up about various communities.

But I can't seem to answer these questions.


- What is it about littles, that littles enjoy?

- What is the essence of you being little?

- What encourages you to feel little?

- Why is BDSM and Ageplay related so often?

- How often do Daddy and Little enter D/s, M/s or TPE relationship?

- To what degree does BDSM share border with Ageplay?

- Are there littles that love latex? Bondage? Pain? How do I imagine that?

- Ageplay seems to have it's own tastes just like BDSM (latex, bondage, brat taming, waxplay). What types of Ageplay agreements are there in general?

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I can answer a couple of these pretty well, I think. 

However, know that most of the questions you have can have vastly different answers from different people. I guess here is a good place to ask it, there's a wide variety of opinions (●^∀^)


1. Littles enjoy being little because we're being ourselves. We're doing things we enjoy and like! And we're not judged for it, and, for those of us with CGs (not sure how familiar you are, but CG is care giver, an umbrella term for daddy, mommy, etc.), we even get to share that enjoyment with someone else. Many littles love getting taken care of, love feeling like they're small and need things done for them, and love little things. When it's an integral part of who you are, of course you're going to love it.

2. The "essence" of me being little (speaking personally, it's different for everyone) is just... me. My littleness is part of who I am and always have been, even before I discovered ddlg. I like little things, I like feeling little (which often goes hand-in-hand with submission), I like having a CG who loves me and my quirks.

3. THIS sfw post is about "things that make you feel little". I think that's what you mean.

5. cgl relationships quite often are D/s. I've heard it explained that you don't see much M/s here because it's kind of harsh, and people interested in cgl usually require a more gentle touch. From what I've gathered, many people here are in a D/s relationship (although many don't capitalize the D in "dom" so that tells you a little more that it's more laid back). It's not unheard of to be in a TPE or M/s, though. Just less common, I would say.

7. YES! As for how you imagine it, you can look at these images of bdsm gear aimed at littles (it's just the objects, so there's no nudity, but I'm not sure how sfw these are).

paci gag

princess paddle

cute collar

ball gag


Sorry I'm not into ageplay, so I couldn't answer those. Hope I could help, though!

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-I personally enjoy being little because it is part of who I am, it's an escape for me of sorts. I have always had 'little' tendencies and urges, I just never had a label for it. 


-Me being little is me being me. It's not my whole personality but is definitely a large part of it. I enjoy talking as though I'm younger, pacis, colouring, dressing up, stuffies. Practically anything that makes me feel smol. 


-My daddy.


-Because ageplay is BDSM. 


-That's hard to tell because I don't know every caregiver and little but I would assume it's been experimented often or even that it's a separate dynamic within the relationship, but someone who's into DD/lg is most likely going to be into other power-exchange BDSM dynamics also.


-Ageplay is BDSM. 


-There are all kinds of littles, we're not all the same. Yes, some littles like pain and latex and other things of that nature - some do not. We. Are. Individuals. 


-Ageplay and how it is enacted varies from person to person. 

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Guest ZuZu420
If you wanted we could talk privately...my answers are very similar to others for why I love being little but to answer your other questions is information I'd rather share in getting to know someone...one of the best parts of little space for me is the confidence it gives me sometimes, like now to be able to say this might be a personal subject for most littles so try not to be discouraged if there isn't much response
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