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Guest JoeKarr

Yes, I'm a nerd.  I know.  But, on to the main part of this thing.  As much as I've appreciated all the info that I've gotten on this forum and all the friends I've met.  I just kinda feel like there's something missing here.  There's always a CareGiver or Little seeking advice or direction and everyone has usually been great about helping them out.  In fact there have been a lot of you who have helped me through some rough spots and crap nights.  But, a lot of things that I see here are in heat of the moment things, questions, and searches for direction.


I personally was thinking about documenting my return to the DDlg lifestyle through the addition of intermittent posts on my current Tumblr account (I'm not gonna put it here since I've got it on my profile.  If you guys really want to follow it you can just look at my profile.  But, at this point I could have just typed the profile in between the parenthesis here and it would have taken way less space...oh well.)


I've actually started putting things like personal thoughts on the dynamic as well as tidbits here and there on things like mistakes I've made as well as just random wonderings.  There are also random music videos there cuz I like to listen to music while I think about stuff.


These aren't going to be rants or frustrations with relationships within the dynamic.  If I post something on there about my experience I will have calmed down after the fact and processes the emotions.  Only then will I post something about my experience.


This really won't be anything for the old guard here, they've done their time and put in their work.  I just felt that it might be nice to post my mistakes so that other CareGivers can see they're not alone in messing up.  I probably shouldn't wear my mistakes like a badge of courage, but I do.  I like the idea of saying, "Here's my giant screw up...and this is what I learned."


And if any of you guys who have interacted with me are worried that I'll reveal your user names, don't worry...I've forgotten about you guys already.


Seriously, I'll keep you guys off the blog...no worries.  I'm a Masochistic Narcissist after all.


Oh, it's totally SFW too.


Anyways.  I hope to see some of you guys check it out.  If not, I'm just yelling into the firmament that is the forum, no big.


Later Dayz



The thoughts and opinions presented are solely those of the witter.  Any similarity of sed thoughts and opinions are purely coincidental.  The events depicted in sed blog are also solely the experiences of the writer.  Any similarity in these events can only be explained by the fact that you are my doppleganger from a perpendicular universe.

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