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Guest mlkykit

I mean...your Dom isn't your father, and aside from that, you shouldn't judge others based on the actions of one individual.


Regarding trust issues, I don't know anything about your Dom or your relationship to say why you should or shouldn't trust him, but if you struggle to trust romantic partners without having reason to, then perhaps you should hold off on dating and relationships to do some work on yourself - figure out the root cause of your trust issues and work on it. I also suggest that you have a talk with your Dom and open up about your difficulty trusting him; Wounds that never get aired, never heal and he can't know or help unless you talk.

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Hi FlowerA,
I too have a lot of trust issue stemming from my actual father and past relationships. My current daddy puts up with a lot of trantrums I through based on me feeling insecure but he handles them very well and is always very reassuring. I would suggest telling these fears to your daddy and seeing how he reacts. Communication is the best way to deal with trust issues! Sit him down & have a chat about how your feeling, if he gets angry or defensive then I would say leave because that's an indication he's not trustworthy (happened to me in a previous relationship) but if he is comforting and reassuring then it's a good sign :) Hope you can get past this! xo 

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Sorry to day but your trust is going to be broken. Could be by a friend, a co worker,or yes, a potential partner. Thats life. Not everyone is trustworthy and not everyone who breaks your trust is a bad person. We all do not so nice things at some point either by mistake or because we are hurt.


The thing is to remember that no everyone is going to be out to get you. And if you let fear of being hurt control you then you won't be living fully. Learning how to deal with broken trust in a healthy way is important.


You also can't compare people. Not all people are the same. Protect yourself, do not but all your faith in a person right away. Keep a little bit of a wall up to protect yourself and let people earn your trust.

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