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TV or shows with CG or Littles?


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Hi !


Last evening I went to Ballet and one of the caracter was a Little! There was also a Mommy caracter and the Little was her lover. She gives him toys and look at him play with it.. and more.


THat gives me the idea to make a List here of TV shows or movies or Books or other kind of Shows/art where you can see Littles or CG.


We'll make another thread for DDLG litterature or youtube channel if the Mods says it's OK. I am looking here for Media intended for Vanilla people, not specific DDLG crowd. 


I can start with the Ballet "The Marriage of Figaro"! With clearly Mommy/Little boy (young man) relationship on stage! Two complete scenes are about it suring that Ballet.


Also there's a Little girl (8 y. old Little age) and CG comments on How I met Your Mother Season 06 - Ep. 06 Even Barney tries to seduce women being in little space during that Episode and end up finding a Mommy that want to teach him how to share and punish him with Bolo wooden paddle!


I'll think about other shows I know, but I'd be curious if you can share other shows or Art where you've seen DDLG dynamic or Little or CG in action. 



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