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    'Fake Daddies'

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    Posted 27 April 2017 - 02:42 PM

    Right people it's rare I make official posts but it seems we have a situation that has gotten out of hand. I'm talking about this Fake Daddy nonsense. Now there are without a doubt some people who misrepresent themselves as fake, little and caregiver alike. Now everyone has different hopes and wishes to do with what they want their future partner in this dynamic to be like or how we expect people to behave. Now obviously there are some general things everyone hopes for: respect, care, decency and honesty being a few of them. Then we have individual wishes and hopes. For example I don't like receiving lots of gifts so one of mine and Daddy's thing is we restrict those to special occasions and holidays. Does that make him fake because he doesn't randomly spoil me? No because it's what we want.

    Now if people think that a member of any type of position in this is fake or predatory you can report them. This won't be anonymous as staff will know who reported and we will expect evidence to look at but that's because we give everyone here a fair crack at the whip and the lack of anonymous reporting means we can stop people maliciously reporting people and can deal with that. We are here to protect this community so if there is something bad happening report it!

    Just think before you say just because someone does or doesn't do something you like that they are fake. Everyone has different expectations in this dynamic as everyone is different. We all like and want different things. Just enjoy your time here, chat, relax and have fun. Think before you call someone fake.
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