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Being Older Than Your Little


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So I've been in my relationship with my little for coming up to four months now. The odd is that I am 20 with my birthday being in April, and he is 20 with his birthday in November. 


While it's still not a large gap, it's one that gets mentioned by him from time to time, as we are semi-public with friends and they ask how that can work.


Of course, I use names like "baby-boy" and "Little one" while he's in his head-space. Our relationship is also long distance, so we supplement physical stuff with role-playing, which is how I help him go to sleep at night and so on, and during those, I sometimes refer to him a the "younger male".


Do any of you guys have a little that's older than you by any margin? How do you find ways to help them forget that that's the case?


One thing I suggested to him was that, whenever he has a birthday, we use the last number. (Is if he turns 25, what we do is we call it his 5th birthday. When he turns 26, it's his 6th birthday, and so on.)

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I am older than my DD! (by six months)

It really doesn't bother us too much, regardless his personality is very dominant. I will however pull out the "respect your elders" card when he is trying to get me to do something I don't wanna do (usually cleaning) 


I think as long as you have the dominant personality. it won't really affect the dynamic at all! 

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I was with someone whom I was about a year older than, someone who was a year older than me, someone who was 7 years younger than me, and my current Little is about 6 months younger than me. Don't let it bother you.

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Is it every okay then, to want to have a Little that is 20-30 years younger then yourself? I've heard of this age gap in a Dom/Sub relationship but not so much in a Dom Daddy/Little relationship. I want to start a Daddy Dom/Little relationship as that is what I've always wanted to do, but at 55, is that too late to start, especially wanting someone so much younger as my first Little? Thanks everyone for your input!



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Guest Kali

It can work, although I was unsuccessful due to my own ineptitude. My little princess was half my age, but very mature. 

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