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online schedule maker?


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hey everyone! sooo i want to start making a schedule for myself, being single i dont have a caregiver and im not really looking at the moment either. 


but i want to put up some rules for myself, which includes having a daily to do list.


i wanted to see if anyone has any recs for online schedules (preferably ones that you can check off when you've done something on the list) i of course could also use a notebook but im really bad at keeping those and i do live with my sibling so...i dont want to risk them finding something out.


thanks in advance!  :heart:

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google docs is very easy to use and straightforward. You can have a lot of fun with it and make things all pretty. They have a lot of different templates you could mess around with. 
Any smart phone should also have something you can use. 
I like to use Notes (I have an iPhone) they have an option to make lists and you can check them off as you go!

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I like todoist! It's an app and a chrome add-on (you can use them separately or even synced together). You can type "every day do ___" and it will repeat it for you. You can type "every monday" "every other monday" "every other day" etc to make it easier as well.
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Have you heard of Habitica? It's a task and to-do game. You can level up by completing your tasks of that day and defeat monsters. You can even team up with friends!
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Guest Princessaj

ChoreMonster- Parents and kids app...so cute since we are little/middle...

If your kid has their own iPad you can’t expect them to go back to a lo-tech sticker chart.

ChoreMonster gamifies (read: makes fun) all those things you’d wish they’d do on their own.

Assign point values to your kids’ chores and let them earn rewards by doing them. Once

they’ve put in work, they can redeem those points for digital and IRL prizes. Like more chores!

Free (iOS)(Android)(Kindle)(Windows)


The cool part is that when you have a Daddy/Mommy/CG they can also access the app to see

what you are accomplishing, not accomplishing...and help you along. You can also do the same

thing with friends if you want. Hugs



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If you need a simple check-off list, I think Google Keep (the app) can do that, too. Just make sure your phone or device is locked, and you can make lists and store notes.

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