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how bratty is... too bratty?


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over the past 2 years (since i was seventeen oops) ive been in and out of ddlg relationships, and theyre always ended with them saying im too braty and too needy and i just wanted to know.... how bratty is too bratty? how needy is too needy? thanks!!

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Guest JoeKarr

Ummm, there's no metric system for that. There's just CareGivers that can handle it and there are CareGivers that can't. Your personality is yours. It's not to be molded by someone else. This dynamic is like anything else. You either fit or you don't. There's a spark or there's not. They can either handle your personality or they can't.


Chin up...you'll find that person that'll fit. Don't rush. This isn't a race. It's a leisurely walk through an adventure-land of personalities and predilections.


Anyways, hope this helped.


Later Dayz.

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Guest Ginger

It really depends on the CG. Some can't handle it at all, others absolutely love a bratty Little! As for being needy, it's just the same. Some CG's love it, others not so much. Just give it time and don't jump for the first person to offer to fill the position. Build a good foundation with them first as friends, then progress to a relationship. It's no different than a vanilla relationship. Work at it slowly and you'll find the right person eventually :)

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