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Middles at 18?


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I'm 18 years old and being a middle seems weird to me because it seems like not too long ago I was 14-15, plus I am I still a senior  in high school. Are there any younger middles here and what does everyone think about this?

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There's nothing weird about your preferred age, if that's what you are that's what you are. And if a person can't respect who you are as a person then oh well. 


Do I think it's odd? No, because there's plenty of middles in this dynamic. If everyone was the same the world would be pretty boring.

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Guest QueenJellybean

I think this is a super interesting topic! Thanks for putting it out there! 


As for your question, I have to agree with the above. A lot of people in the world are going to try to police the way you label yourself; don't let them police this part of you too. If that's what you identify as, it's what you identify as. Also -- remember that many Middles lean towards the younger end of the spectrum, or no set age at all! That's why it's a spectrum in the first place! Not every younger Middle is going to identify with 16 or 17. 


Breathe a bit, and enjoy what you enjoy. <3 

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I don't think this is weird, I think that it's nice that you know who you want to be. 
Other may think it is weird, but they probably think the whole ddlg area is weird. 
Here, on this forum, I guess no one thinks that's weird. 

I think that it's awesome that you know more about your middle age. 
I'm still exploring.. But I'll get there. 



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