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Mind dump from a lonely Daddy waiting

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Guest Quackers

I know its a tough situation.  Its hard for me too.  I've been not here nor there to you for weeks now.  You mean a lot to me, you mean so much to me.  

My heart is still yours, after all the pain I'm living through.  The separation from you physically tears at me, draining me everyday. 


You don't know what you want, but I know what I want.  My Princess to be My Princess again.  


I want to see you call and I want to hear your voice, saying Hi Daddy.  I want to smile each time you say Daddy, calling me, belonging to me and I belonging to you



I hurt inside.  I want to tear my arms, shred them until the pain equals what I feel inside.  


You were the only one I have ever allowed to call me Master, possibly the last and only.  


I ache.  You made me feel unbelievable emotions, belonging to you, wanted by you, yours as much as mine.


And.  Maybe I'm stupid  Maybe i'm a big idiot.  Sitting here hoping just hoping in a week, a long break over, that you will come back to me.  


I torture myself this way, but I don't know other ways.  I don't want to lose you, even if I have to suffer.  Selfish, I know, I sit here dreaming and yearning for you to come back.  


I hope you come back Princess.  I hope you come back to me. 


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