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How to play with your littlw


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I'm fairly new to DDLG and my last little used "play" to mean sex, but I know there's more than that. If someone could help me out with games I can play with my little through text and in person, both dirty and clean I would really really appreciate it.
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Guest PrincessKittyx
Sometimes Daddy and I will play this game where one of us will think of a character or something the the other person has to ask yes or no questions about the character to try and guess it. Uhmm, and we video chat while watching Netflix or Hulu a lot.
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Guest Princessaj

"Getting to Know You" Game.. :heart: ..can be played at any time you meet anyone.


Each of you come up with 20 questions about what you want to learn about each other.


Can be DDlg, BDSM, Vanilla....everyday life. Serious, moderate, simple, funny, silly...not so many that can be answered with a "yes" or a "no." If it's important for you to know, by all means.


Each of you either in person or "LDR" - Long Distance Relationship, text, message, chat, phone, Snapchat, Skype, Facetime, youtube...play


Write each question on a piece of paper and cut them up in strips.


Take each strip/question, fold it up, place them in a bowl and toss them around a bit.


There is no time limit, but I suggest that you play a little bit at a time as trying to do it all at once kills the concept.


When you pull a question, the other answers, then you answer the same question..then PLEASE talk about it.....move on to the next question.


The more you share, talk, converse, inquire, explore, discover, learn... the more you grow as individuals, as a couple and best of all how you show others the unique being that you are.


PS: You can play this game without the other person knowing...you don't have to tell them its a game...If you are just testing the water, certain questions may tell you A WHOLE LOT ABOUT THIS PERSON WITHOUT ANY COMMITMENT.


Hugs and have fun!

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Not sure about games online or over text because my Daddy and I live together... But games we play are usually nostalgic. We play a lot of Mario kart and donkey Kong on our Wii. We also play kid themed board games which we have an abundance of since we have a kid lol. But you can pick them up at thrift stores. In summer we spend a lot of time at the ocean. We build massive sand castles or sculptures, blow bubbles, make puffy paint, set up lawn games... Out door activities are so much easier to think of then indoor.
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When Daddy is over, we play 'predator and prey' Its kind of a rough but sexy game.


Daddy lets me run or hide, but if he catches me he will bite me, kiss me, lick me etc. But I try to fight back so we kind of act like we are wild animals. 


It mostly starts with innocent play but we end up roughly making out.

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