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I am new to being a little.

I have always liked stereotypical "little" things but thought nothing of it.

I've started a long distance relationship with someone I've known a while and he asked me if I was a little.

I done some research and love the sound of it!

He is looking forward to being my daddy!

Does anyone have any advice for me starting out or a long distance relationship? Xxx

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I'm new to this whole shebang myself, but I gather the best way to start off with is a frank discussion of what you both want, hard limits, etc. Long distance relationships are not something I can help you with, unfortunately. Plenty of lovely people on here will be able to assist. I'd write a fuller response, but I'm kind've in the middle of getting ready to run out the door. X.x Best of luck, though, and congrats!

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The main thing I say is dont rush it. Me and my daddy are long distance so if you want any help feel free to ask :)
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