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Daddy is depressed

Guest sensitivekitten

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Guest sensitivekitten

My Daddy is going through some major life changes that have him very stressed and sad. I'm trying my best to help him but he wont always tell me how he's feeling because he doesn't want me to worry and feels guilty about his feelings. I want to help him but we're in a long distance relationship and it's so hard not being able to be there in person to help. Today he opened up a little so that was good. I'm so worried about him.


I'm also so lonely because he went from being my Daddy and being very active in my life to not really having the capacity to do as many Daddy things right now. I don't blame him at all and I'm doing my best to put my feelings aside so I can be there for him. I just don't know how to cope and be little while feeling sort of emotionally neglected  :(

I don't know how to feel little on my own.


Please please help 

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Guest MeneerM

As a Daddy who's been through a lot I can say that the fact that your little one is there for you at all times, not to solve problems, but just be there as his beloved little one NO MATTER WHAT is the most important thing. This is really the best help you can give. Feeling loved by your little supports your Daddy to feel better because in times of trouble friends can become foes and you can feel lonely sometimes. 

Don't try to fix things, but be a good listener and be someone he can rely on for comfort. Doing so you can feel needed and helpful in an emotional way... This will help you not feeling emotional neglected yourself. In a relationship center of attention shifts from one partner to the other and back again.

It is not only the little one that needs to be cared for. Daddy's need love and care too, lots of it! Only Doms are not always good in asking things because of their role. Opening up for a daddy is hard because it can conflict with their way of being the strong-know-it-all Daddy. It is vulnerable and can give your Daddy the feeling that he isn't on top of things in life AND in his DD/lg relation.

Reassure him that he is and always be your guide in life even in times of big life events, depression and sadness. 

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Guest Just-littlebabygirl

My daddy has depression as well and it can certainly be really difficult! I personally have to be very, very self-aware that I don't take his actions or shortness personally. I know that his struggle, and unwillingness to always share things isn't because of me.


Being there for him doesn't have to be putting aside your feelings for his own!!! It's making sure that he knows his feelings are just as important as yours. I tell my daddy how much I love him and how happy I am to have him in my life and how much he means to me. I let him know that it's okay to be feeling the way that he does and that there's nothing wrong with him for it. I let him know that I'm right there through it, and I'm going to be there on the other side of it as well.


The emotionally neglected feeling is definitely hard, so that's why I use those "I love you so much" conversations to help us both, tbh. I'll talk about my first impressions of him and my favorite things about him. Hearing him even chuckle, or seeing the small smile is really reassuring for me and it gives my heart that static-y butterfly feeling.


If it's not an LDR and ya'll live together, cuddling him, might help. I'll spoon my daddy and there will be a lot of wiggling because I can't simply wrap my 5'3 frame around his 5'9 frame haha. But once we get comfy, he relaxes and lets out a small sigh and will kinda grip my arm a little bit tighter for a few seconds.


Daddies need to feel safe and loved too :) I'm all about up-front communication so I'll ask what he needs in the moment and if it's okay for me to do x, or anything.


Sorry if this is long-winded!! I hope it helps.

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There's always up and down slides in relationships, the cause of the down in the relationship is always vary, some might come from the relationship itself, some from external factor like family problems.


From my experience what makes a relationship doesn't work well is when one stop being there or fight for the relationship, like one feels the significant other doesn't gives enough attention.


The stress must be coming from something and it might be something you can't fix, it's something that he can solve it by himself, maybe even internally.


Some advice from me through my experience :

> be there and listen to him, ask for him if he want to rant and share his burden with you.

> assure him you will not go anywhere in his darkest time.

> ask him to do activities he likes together, like playing games or watching a movie together.

> tell him how much you love him.


As for now, in this situation, you have to be really understanding, he used to be a great daddy and now he is in depression, i understand the lonely feeling but you have to understand he might having a bad moment in his life.


So maybe you have to be a bit of big girl, time to nurture your daddy, give him a lot of attention and love, make he feels you will stay whatever the situation is. Without he needs to tell you what happened if he doesn't want to (although by he telling you is better)


I wish you best luck with you and your daddy~

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