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My name is sam and I am very new to this lifestyle.


My wife has expressed her desire to become involved in this life. We have done some bdsm usually just dom sub nothing like this.


Has anyone got any tips? I've been looking online but I'm just a bit confused by what the role of the daddy is can someone help??!

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Guest MeneerM

Hi, I am glad to help you out. A Daddy is more of a supportive role than just a Dominating role. Nurturing but strict. A Daddy gives rules and want his little to obey those rules. If not she will get punished.

Daddy like to play within the little space of his little one. So playing with stuffies, letting her do your hair of even make-up :rolleyes:  are very important.

Your role depends on her needs, so at first you will have to find out what she wants from you as a Daddy. She will give hints of be very specific. Communication is key!

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A Daddy's role is different for every relationship.


You do not have to follow a list of Do's/Dont's.


First ask your wife what she wants. Does she have goals for herself that she's struggling with? Does she want rules and punishments? Not all CG/l relationships have rules or punishments. Does she have a "little space"? Not all littles do. Does she want you to play with her like a child? Does she want a part time dynamic? A lifestyle change? Or just roleplay?


There is a lot for the two of you to discuss. No one can really tell you how to be a good Daddy to her because each little needs different things.


She should be exploring what being little means to her first then getting an idea of what she would like from you as a Daddy. Talk it out with her, try a few different things. Remember that even though she's taking on a submissive role she has just as much say as you do and also that if you try something and it doesn't work/one of you doesn't like bit its better to drop it or find a compromise then to continue doing it for the sake of your partner.


Communication and compromise. Explore and learn. Thats all there us to do this early on.

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