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The trouble with sleeping // Poem

Guest Little_Lia

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Guest Little_Lia

I wish I could sleep properly.

That the things would cease to come for me in the darkness and stop forcing me to turn on a light to banish them.

I wish I could stop wandering about the house in my sleep and blinking back the confusion when I snap out of the trance.

Needing ambient sounds and night lights gets tiresome after a while.

Relying on sleeping pills when they fail is habitual now.

I wish I could sleep properly for I am so sick of being tired.

4:31am // Why do I fail at sleeping?



i wrote this last march but i'm finally starting to let people read my poetry. most of what i write is done when i can't sleep at horrific hours of the night so if i post any more of my poems, the timestamps on them will probably not be earlier than 2am  :ph34r: 

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