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I've Put a Spell (On You)

Guest thepoet

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Guest thepoet

I've put a spell on you: a collection of many hexes.

You can tell I'm very interested in apothecarial connections;

Conconctions in combination with convoluted incantations.

I've a taste for ancient machinations. I'm a sage and a canny magus.

With a page taken from a paganist translation

Of an invocation sacred, I'ma conjure your consecration.

I'm a sorcerer; I'm an augerer. I'ma alter all your formulations.

I could force you in to adoration, and enthrall you with my orchestrations.

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Exactly! I just said it with a lot of large words so people would think I'm waaay smart ;)

well look at you smarty pants. your vocabulary is as impressive as your goatee  B)

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