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Guest thepoet

Plain packaging, saving the savoury for the flavour.

There's vipers in the garden. Half the garden's in your vapour.

The screens are growing wider and higher the definition,

But you can't define the reason she's with him.

They tax you when you die.

There's cattle in the populace: they want us to comply.

There's power in the cords in every corner of our lives.

There's cowards in the halls, and there's orchids on the vines;

There's an orchard of remorse inside your mind.

Time's a limit decided by a committee.

People live in cities 'cause people live in the cities.

Wisdom is a myth for the kiddies, but you're disinterested, busy;

A true epiphany would render you dizzy.

Legal tender's tinder. It's kindling for the cinders.

People spend their minutes extinguishing all the their bridges.

Keep your friends complicit; elicit illicit characteristics.

We're all duplicitous and cannibalistic.

There's labels on the food and there's truth in the way of fables.

They doom us all to fail from the cradle.

We're made to be complacent. Assailants are salient with their sable-tainted

Tales of betrayal. If you're feeling unstable, get off the rails.

There's credits in medicine and there's money in guns,

But plenty fewer in pursuit of any cure to fund.

The newer the wooer, you think the truer the love?

That's an excuse to use for you to have run.

There's a noose on your neck, and you'll never loosen the length.

Never let the truth in your heart: it chews through your chest.

Choose whatever truth you reject, and genuflect to the rest.

There's no respecting whom the mirror reflects.

The devil's in the details; the devil may be female.

There's heaven in success but it's hell on the beaten trail.

Like the ouroboros, they teach you to eat your tail.

Kuwabara kuwabara: we prevail.

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